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24 Hours EP

Latest release on Super Muscle Entertainment. Produced and remixed by Nik Mandalia. Out on all major digital download site from the 23/01/2013.

Nik Mandalia

A well-known name behind the scenes of the London underground dance scene Nik Mandalia started his career with the Blowineast collective. Nik Mandalia provided an intrinsic link between the Blowineast sound and appreciation for the artists that worked with them. His interpretations were perhaps the most vital in their attempts to fulfil the collective’s musical vision.

Nik Mandalia has since focused his attention on maturing the deep house sound with remixes including Mary J Blige, Drake, Anthony Hamilton, Quincy Jones and Conya Doss of which have been supported across the international house community.

This seminal figure has been assuring the deeper sound of house music has been heard across the capital at a variety of London’s best venues – Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Egg and Turnmills, playing alongside respectable figures such as DJ Sneak, Jimpster, DJ Spen & Karizma to name but a few. Entertaining audiences with the electric energy of his sets with a unique interpretation developed from years of involvement in the underground scene at its core,

Nik will be releasing his own production on his new label Super Muscle Entertainment through collaborative projects bringing different genres and styles to the house community.


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